It’s Official. I’m A Vegan.

Not, he added ruefully, by choice.  They don’t make a Cheeseburger Ensure.

Looks like the dysphagia I’ve been dealing with for the last three months might be a new friend that just won’t go home. Ever.

I can’t swallow solid food–not for long, anyway–and have been living on Ensure, a nutritionally balanced meal replacement beverage, for weeks on end. The Vanilla flavor exclusively, since chocolate aggravates the GERD which is probably the cause of the condition in the first place. It’s a no no. Like coffee.

Haven’t had a cup of coffee in three months. I am happy about it. One of those statements is false.

I’ve lost 20 pounds and a belt size. I never realized how much I loved those extra pounds, those baked ziti, chicken parm, sausage pizza pounds. The roasted, bar-b-qued, broiled, grilled, pan fried and smothered in onions and butter pounds, glistening with fat and oral satisfaction.

Give me a moment.

Now, it’s not the worst thing of course, and as geezer maladies go, barely a blip on the sonar. I mention it by way of explanation to the few people who do seem to check on this blog on a regular basis. This is the reason I haven’t been posting anything recently. Took me off my game a little. A tad depressed. Shame on me.

But I hope to be back, with full throat-ed rants, in the coming weeks.










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