Nu,Who Knows Me In China?

Connoisseurs of Yiddish humor will recognize the post title as the last line of a winding textured story that ends with a rueful shrug. I wouldn’t attempt it written form for the obvious, accentless limitation. Suffice it to say, as in much of Yiddish humor, getting to the punchline takes awhile and is most of the fun. Google Borscht Belt.

I have a VPN hidden reader/follower, always from “China”, who visits with a regularity that’s a little curious, since he/she doesn’t often read any of the posts. It’s as if they (always the prefered pronoun, I’d vote, since nearly all of us are many faceted) were looking forward to my next post, or a particular post on a specific topic.

Sorry to disappoint. Won’t be publishing anything of any length or ambition for a bit. Life has struck.

But please. phantom reader of the Orient, feel free to leave a comment next time you pass this way.

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