Song Written In Five Minutes of Uh-Oh

Song for a diagnosis
Song for a spidey-sense
Things ain’t right ‘n it ain’t the light
It’s a bodily decompense

The odometer’s pushing
Way past the warranty cushion
I can’t say it comes as a shock
Get the paperwork in
Notify next of kin
Nothing left but to run out the clock

I wish I could say
I had my day
But the truth is I punted the ball
If I leave something here
It’s this and sincere
Don’t turn a deaf ear to your call

Life is a gift
That despises our thrift
Don’t save it for some rainy day
If you find your pride
Is a thorn in your side
Pluck it out ‘n throw it away

You can come to the end
Without family or friends
Every bridge burned but the Last
And the Comfort you find
In the ether’s all fine
But regret is the final repast

2 thoughts on “Song Written In Five Minutes of Uh-Oh

  1. Tacit in style, clearly expressed and evoked the the inspirational event
    For the aspiring odist an example of verbiage meets heartfelt if not fearful assessment of the life situation


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