Lawrence Immemorial (unfinished)

I was born in BabylonTime stamped three a.m.Maternity was packed and jackedWith what we knew as men The fog was thick in BabylonThe day I came of ageIt broke three hearts when I climbed the stairsAs the ink dried on the page I’ve booked a trip to BabylonTo shush up chatty tombsIf I’m not back … Continue reading Lawrence Immemorial (unfinished)

Posse at Twitter Gap

The Devil came in the nightChanged hats black from whiteAt dawn the posse awoke They gathered their gearTrusted year after yearBut not one brother noticed the joke When they rode into townTo gun bad guys downThey frightened the God fearin' folk And were soon dead in the streetBlack hats at their feetCross haired in the … Continue reading Posse at Twitter Gap