Cover Girl You Are

(Song, Uptempo Rock) Please cover up you cover girl You don’t gotta show Everything that nature gives a damn about Gonna notice in the work place Gonna notice in the first place Who you are who you are Cover girl it’s in your face They don’t get to hack If you don’t turn your back … Continue reading Cover Girl You Are

Water Heart and Seed

If you live your life like it was held for ransom every time some shadow rolls across your heart You’ll pay and pray plead with your captor But you’ll cry alone in the dark If you live your life like a bursting fountain water for the garden all the flowers and the weeds You’ll see … Continue reading Water Heart and Seed

Cam’s Sad Sad Dab

It has been quite a while since hair products have held sway over me– though I applied shampoo to the top of my head long after it was only the wispy dreamers on the sides that needed tending–but when Cam Newton, Carolina’s polarizing quarterback, league MVP and media VIP, attracted national attention for his dab, … Continue reading Cam’s Sad Sad Dab

Bob Wins The Big One

Bob Dylan has won the 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature. Somebody tell Watson. They seemed close. The grizzled pitchman for Cadillac, Pepsi, Victoria Secret and IBM has been awarded the highest prize in Literature, for “having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition.” Well, duh. Or, they could just ask the 98% … Continue reading Bob Wins The Big One

Traffic Light

My first thought was nautical: She's broad in the beam. So was my second. He's three sheets to. I pegged them instantly as a breed of retired couples I've become very fond of. Homey and doughy and okay with that. They spend the golden years, health be damned, doing the things that got them through that grind of the last ten working … Continue reading Traffic Light