It’s So You (Breaking Wave)

Well now here you are, where the years fade away with a whisper
And the people you loved, oh the people you loved they fade away too
And you,
standing at the window with a cup of tea, making a silly face, that would have made them smile
It’s so you

The laughter comes in from the littles’ playing in the living room
and you look around and really you can’t complain
That man in the basement pounding on the water pipes, he’d be lost without you
and you, who’d a thought it from the wild one, you feel the same

Still when the wind picks up it’s the little girl in you that gets excited
Go on down to the water where you’ve always felt free
since you were a kid, no one’s really got that about you, how could they?
All these years with that pain in your heart oh, you kept that hid

Here come the shadows it gets dark pretty early this time of year
There’s a little less light each day than the day before
But all the beauty and the terror and wild wild wind in your heart oh they’re forever
Just like the endless wave, it’s just the endless wave, breaking at your door

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