A Pigeon Story Yesterday

Beware of your own best intentions
Inside the silver lining it’s dark
I thought I was feeding the pigeons
Turned out I was feeding a hawk

The pigeons all flew in together
I sighed at this particular two
He was all, hey what’s up
She was all, check you boo

[They’d dance awhile then take a peck
At seeds that I left on the deck
They’d whisper naughty twiggy things
fly off and then fly back again]

I’d grown fond of these foolish kids
They’d come by just passed three
She’d brag about their starter nest
He’d toss a wink at me

But while I played the contagion game
Imaginary friends
A hawk unphased in the natural world
Brought cosplay to an end

I don’t know which of the two he took
Red stain turned black a day ago
The whole flock’s gone it’s for the best:
House lights dim for the murderful crows

2 thoughts on “A Pigeon Story Yesterday

  1. I hate that.  The other day, the tv provider was switching me from copper to fiber and I came out to see, and next to my hydrangea bush were a pi


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