Nothing Better To Do


Sometimes a thought you feel with certainty
is a thought too abstract to shape at any wheel
into an object useful or artful or playful or in any sense good
yet behind closed eyes persistently emerges from the clay…


Sometimes a cure you know for certain
Could never come from some bad money lab
Is revealed behind your last choice of curtain
And traded for a lifetime gift of gab

The calendar is shattered into splinters
You can cut your fingers thumbing for relief
And if you’re looking for first sign of coming Winter
Slit your throat this morning, save this evenings’ grief

Oh these are dark thoughts bursting through this morning
Barely had my coffee and a smoke
Better take a walk, clear my head of my head talking
Admit sometimes even I don’t get my jokes

2 thoughts on “Nothing Better To Do

  1. I love it but would lose the two “the”s in the third line of the third stanza. Just an opinion from a non-poet..

    Sorry I didn’t call last night but I felt so much better after we talked and had nothing doleful about which to whine. I am so glad that we recovered our friendship after that lengthy cooling off interval. Love to you and Del.

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    1. Thanks for reading Neale, but really it’s just spaghetti thrown at the wall. Going kind of antsy with the duration of this block. Just wanted to publish something to try to trick myself into the right frame of mind. No luck.


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