Is that what you think?

Got some good advice about this blog today from a life-long friend. That I had asked her for advice at all proves how needy I've become in just a couple of weeks. Beware, if you're in the stocks, this is not a gal to throw a rotten cabbage if there's a chamber pot handy. But she is … Continue reading Is that what you think?

Deep Breath

That’s funny, I thought to myself as I reread these blog postings from Introduction thru Air Quotes and really it was odd it hadn’t popped out at me before, conscious as I am of everything I’m putting out to the world through this latest exercise in writing, writing with purpose for the first time on purpose, so to … Continue reading Deep Breath

I Trolled You So!

One of the strangest memes to emerge in the last few years is the hijacking of Christian apologist websites by atheist trolls. They attack in swarms, spitting with outrage at our delusions. We believers are the source of all wars, disease and conflict in the atheist mind; get rid of God and the world would coalesce into … Continue reading I Trolled You So!