I Trolled You So!

One of the strangest memes to emerge in the last few years is the hijacking of Christian apologist websites by atheist trolls. They attack in swarms, spitting with outrage at our delusions.

We believers are the source of all wars, disease and conflict in the atheist mind; get rid of God and the world would coalesce into a secular paradise. Please note Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, atheists all, are conveniently left out of the rant. The long history of Christian charity, provider of food, housing and hospital for the worlds’  indigent is either ignored or paired with a sinister purpose. The complicity of Christians in establishing slavery is excoriated; not mentioned are the Christian abolitionists who paid with their own lives and fortunes to abolish it.

This is not to suggest that atheist postings on Christian websites are rational arguments merely lacking the rhetorical skill to anticipate their opponents rebuttal. Very rarely an intellectually honest atheist or agnostic will venture onto the thread and provide some mature dialog, but that grace note is soon lost in the scratch and screech of indignation. Obviously, so very obviously, to atheists, there is no God!  Why are Christians so stupid!? Show me the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

And there’s the rub. The brand of atheist that trolls the internet is not looking for intellectual engagement with the highest levels of Christian thought. They are ignorant of  Augustine, Aquinas,  Kierkegaard, C S Lewis, N T Wright; they don’t know Teilhard de Chardin for science’s sake!. His theory of the Omega Point predates the Singularity by 50 years, and he did by looking at rocks.

 My question to the trolls is this: Why do you insist on playing checkers with this magnificent chess set in front of you?

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