Song About The Family Sin

Woke up feeling lost at sea Dreamt i saw Him walking ‘cross a cup of tea Woke up a feeling in a missing limb Mother Father side by side What’s between them never cried That’s when i first noticed that missing limb Brother Rob and Brother Ed Locked our shadow in the family shed But … Continue reading Song About The Family Sin

I Can’t Even Touch The Books You’ve Read

I have to break up with Bob Dylan. As you probably know by now, Bob Dylan is releasing a new album on June 19, Rough and Rowdy Ways, and he has dropped three songs from the double album by social media. Murder Most Foul, about the JFK assassination, I Contain Multitudes, and the lastest, released … Continue reading I Can’t Even Touch The Books You’ve Read

Cam’s Sad Sad Dab

It has been quite a while since hair products have held sway over me– though I applied shampoo to the top of my head long after it was only the wispy dreamers on the sides that needed tending–but when Cam Newton, Carolina’s polarizing quarterback, league MVP and media VIP, attracted national attention for his dab, … Continue reading Cam’s Sad Sad Dab

Bob Wins The Big One

Bob Dylan has won the 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature. Somebody tell Watson. They seemed close. The grizzled pitchman for Cadillac, Pepsi, Victoria Secret and IBM has been awarded the highest prize in Literature, for “having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition.” Well, duh. Or, they could just ask the 98% … Continue reading Bob Wins The Big One