The Tares in Power

Why am I so hard on Republican Christians? This is why. If you are a true Christian, no, let me say it this way, you are only a true Christian if you have been broken by Christ. Period. That is the benchmark. If you have not been flat on your face, or curled up into […]

Open Letter To Muslims In The West

Author’s  Note:  I am reposting this after Donald Trump’s victory.  We’ve heard what he has to say about Muslims. Trump markets in fear. But it is certainly true that horrific violence in the name of Islam is a daily staple of our news feed. So where is the real conversation we should be having?   Dear Friends, We don’t know each other. So […]

May We Come In?

This is addressed to White Christians in America. It is for those attending a predominantly white Church.  It is intended as well for the many unaffiliated white Christians, the Nones, young and old, who have stopped going to church altogether. Dear Fellow White Christians: Let’s tell the truth. Racial animus, in that full spectrum from belittling […]

Luke 3:14

And the soldiers (police) likewise demanded of him, saying, “And what shall we do?” And he said unto them, “Do violence to no man, neither accuse any falsely; and be content with your wages.” Take a minute. Think of the the stress put on Christian police officers who follow that particular scriptural injunction. Adrenaline alone […]

The Answer’s In the Back

I think I’m really starting to love this new iteration of the American Liberal. The way you love the happily retarded. Now, the anachronistic slur–not a slur really, as I hope we’ll see–is intended only to set a time frame. I worked in the early 1970’s at the now defunct Mansfield Training Center for the […]

Founder’s App

This isn’t a secret. We’re screwed. America’s political mechanism is broken. We are in danger of devaluing, to the point of scrap, the one American asset most of the world truly envies: The Ballot. Other countries have elections, but to Americans the ballot is at the core of our national identity. Our precious freedom attained […]

An Explanation?

On its face at first blush It’s just crazy enough If it were a lark it would fly To be howling within Round a ravenous sin While the face is a whitewashed lie * On its face at first blush It’s not something you touch It’s that something you taste with your eye It’s more […]

Why So Moody?

Note to a few readers who’ll recognize themselves in this explanation. I’m trying something new with these more recent poems. They will be obscure, probably, because they are automatic writing, stream of image poems. It just seems to be writing itself, so I’m going to follow along for awhile.  I’m going to trust what bubbles […]

The Word, the Word

Children’s Song The Word, the Word is very near in my mouth and in my ear in my heart and in my soul I love Jesus that’s the way I roll Jesus said if you hear my voice Father’s given you a choice you can be good or you can be bad make Jesus happy […]

Let Your Yes Be Yes

Let your yes be yes Let your no be no Anything more than this Is danger to your soul Will His guiding light Go dim as shadows grow Oh will he abandon us? No and no and no Speak His name in Truth And you will be blessed Is God one person in a Trinity? […]

Why Are We Wet?

Saw a show last night on PBS Why I had it on is anyone’s guess Said this world is not what it seems You ‘n me are made out of the stuff of dreams Itty bitty bits that no eye can see Twitchin’ like Elvis on a weekend spree Peeped over his specs ‘n said […]

Two More In A Mood

1 Should I peek around the corner? Does that convey? Ratchet the neck bones up to a hole in the brimming dark and with what I have for eyes now blistered over summon in pantomime the blinding awe?   2 How can I pitch you this idea? This terra infirma of the Solid Rock The […]