That Was An Odd One To Intrude

Oh, it's youSaucy minxFlint and fireGentleman’s jinx Hold it outHold it closePull it backWhen it’s needed most I'll never lose youGod knows I've triedPoisoned the breadcrumbsBred the flies Help me outYou’re good at mathWhat’s left when what’s leftCuts ever in half? Suitcase briefcasePurse and clutchI met you nakedJust the once Hold it outHold it closePull … Continue reading That Was An Odd One To Intrude

Lawrence Immemorial (unfinished)

I was born in BabylonTime stamped three a.m.Maternity was packed and jackedWith what we knew as men The fog was thick in BabylonThe day I came of ageIt broke three hearts when I climbed the stairsAs the ink dried on the page I’ve booked a trip to BabylonTo shush up chatty tombsIf I’m not back … Continue reading Lawrence Immemorial (unfinished)

Posse at Twitter Gap

The Devil came in the nightChanged their hats black from whiteAt dawn the posse awoke They gathered their gearTrusted year after yearNot one good man noticed the joke When they rode into townTo gun bad guys downThey frightened the Church going folk A glimpse in the glassOf themselves as they passedGave a warning most like … Continue reading Posse at Twitter Gap

Tuned Out It Wasn’t Me

I heard the tuned and hammered stringStrike out a note that I could singIn that moment I would bringA voice among the choir I harmonize in David’s chord!A thought my head could not affordThe Devil, friends, does not get boredWaiting by the fire Soon I sang another strainOf voices only in my brainIf I’ve a … Continue reading Tuned Out It Wasn’t Me

Nothing Better To Do

* Sometimes a thought you feel with certaintyis a thought too abstract to shape at any wheelinto an object useful or artful or playful or in any sense goodyet behind closed eyes persistently emerges from the clay... * Sometimes a cure you know for certainCould never come from some bad money labIs revealed behind your … Continue reading Nothing Better To Do

Song Written In Five Minutes of Uh-Oh

Song for a diagnosisSong for a spidey-senseThings ain’t right ‘n it ain’t the lightIt’s a bodily decompense The odometer’s pushingWay past the warranty cushionI can’t say it comes as a shockGet the paperwork inNotify next of kinNothing left but to run out the clock I wish I could sayI had my dayBut the truth is … Continue reading Song Written In Five Minutes of Uh-Oh