The Tares in Power

Why am I so hard on Republican Christians? This is why. If you are a true Christian, no, let me say it this way, you are only a true Christian if you have been broken by Christ. Period. That is the benchmark. If you have not been flat on your face, or curled up into […]

Open Letter To Muslims In The West

Author’s  Note:  I am reposting this after Donald Trump’s victory.  We’ve heard what he has to say about Muslims. Trump markets in fear. But it is certainly true that horrific violence in the name of Islam is a daily staple of our news feed. So where is the real conversation we should be having?   Dear Friends, We don’t know each other. So […]

The Answer’s In the Back

I think I’m really starting to love this new iteration of the American Liberal. The way you love the happily retarded. Now, the anachronistic slur–not a slur really, as I hope we’ll see–is intended only to set a time frame. I worked in the early 1970’s at the now defunct Mansfield Training Center for the […]

Two Poems In A Mood

  1 So long, goodbye Adios Final call For the Final Coast A room is ready Rest assured What’s in doubt Is the Temperature A room is ready Built by me In alarming Specificity Who loves me In aggregate? On balance, I’m unconfident   2 A shadow fell When I was young And as I […]

Curious Dignity, Curious Misery

Here is a video from 1958.  It’s from the Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas, black and white, encrypted on a page I couldn’t enlarge. Couldn’t find a purloined copy on YouTube either, so it has the sense of being a treasured bit of film. Reinhold Niebuhr in conversation with Mike Wallace. Obama’s favorite […]

Song About The Family Sin

Woke up feeling lost at sea Dreamt i saw Him walking ‘cross a cup of tea Woke up a feeling in a missing limb Mother Father side by side What’s between them never cried That’s when I first noticed that missing limb Brother Rob and Brother Ed locked our shadow in the family shed But […]

Fake Good News

Isn’t everything that we hear which is not in accord with the Good News, a lie? When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of it. That is how the Enemy is described by Jesus, not only as a liar himself, but as the […]

Jesus, As A Matter Of Fact

*Authors Note: This post is in its larval state, dear Readers, but we won’t wait for a mountable Imago. We’re going to leave it up in plain view and watch the metamorphosis together.  What we should notice first is growth, segment on segment. We’ll keep the temperature constant, if we can. We’ll note when the color changes.  As […]