It’s So You (Breaking Wave)

Chorus: Well now here you are, where the years fade away with a whisper And the people you loved, oh the people you loved they fade away too And you, standing at the window with a cup of tea, making a silly face, that would have made them smile It’s so you The laughter comes … Continue reading It’s So You (Breaking Wave)



What a revoltin’ development this is. Out of nowhere, and I swear I didn’t see this coming, I got old. Like, old old, walking slow, aching feet, shoulders, neck old. And then serious old, call the doctor immediately if you have these symptoms old. I’ll spare you the details. Chances are, you have pretty pictures … Continue reading Oops…

Founder’s App

This isn’t a secret. We’re screwed. America’s political mechanism is broken. We are in danger of devaluing, to the point of scrap, the one American asset most of the world truly envies: The Ballot. Other countries have elections, but to Americans the ballot is at the core of our national identity. Our precious freedom attained … Continue reading Founder’s App

Jesus, As A Matter Of Fact

*Authors Note: This post is in its larval state, dear Readers, but we won't wait for a mountable Imago. We're going to leave it up in plain view and watch the metamorphosis together.  What we should notice first is growth, segment on segment. We'll keep the temperature constant, if we can. We'll note when the color changes.  As … Continue reading Jesus, As A Matter Of Fact