Traffic Light

My first thought was nautical: She's broad in the beam. So was my second. He's three sheets to. I pegged them instantly as a breed of retired couples I've become very fond of. Homey and doughy and okay with that. They spend the golden years, health be damned, doing the things that got them through that grind of the last ten working … Continue reading Traffic Light


You'll notice a few old posts from my now defunct blog, letdandoit, showing up here in the next few hours. I had automatically renewed the url, but truth is, I'm in a new phase of my life now, and that vanity project has lost its power to self delude. But I do want to put … Continue reading Clutter

Founder’s App

This isn’t a secret. We’re screwed. America’s political mechanism is broken. We are in danger of devaluing, to the point of scrap, the one American asset most of the world truly envies: The Ballot. Other countries have elections, but to Americans the ballot is at the core of our national identity. Our precious freedom attained … Continue reading Founder’s App