May We Come In?

This is addressed to White Christians in America. It is for those attending a predominantly white Church, or a church with a white pastor. It is intended as well for the many unaffiliated white Christians, the Nones, young and old, who have stopped going to church altogether. Dear Fellow White Christians: Find a new church. […]

Pain and Policy

Caught up watching the the Charleston Massacre coverage unfold on TV. Face after face, some in tears, most beyond the comfort of tears. Death and loss, sorrow, heartache. Pain. Pain. This is the crux of the problem, isn’t it?  The emotional pain that is at the center of every human life. It is a bizarre […]

Prayer For Charleston

These are the names of the people killed in the Charleston Church Shooting. Cynthia Marie Graham Hurd, 54, a bible study member Susie Jackson, 87, a bible study member Ethel Lee Lance, 70, a 30-year church Sexton Depayne Middleton, 49, a bible study member Clementa C. Pinckney, 41, church pastor and South Carolina State Senator […]

Size Matters

Been trying to find a way into this topic, Brothers and Sisters, but no luck. Maybe if we just chat awhile it’ll dawn on us. And there are a lot of us’s. Seven billion human beings and counting, alive right this instant, pumping out  many thousands of thoughts in a  day, emotions zigging high and […]

Know What I’m Saying?

I rant, I scold, I coo, tickle and poke but I’m not changing any minds here. Okay, something new. Newish. Or at least, more spontaneous. For instance, the first line, with the ranting and cooing just came out and I left it in, even though it invoked parents and children, a subject I’m avoiding; not […]

The Resurrected Elephant in the Room

We do not die when our bodies die. Consciousness survives bodily death. Individually, we accept and accommodate this fact. Most of us have had personal experience around death, especially of loved ones, in which inexplicably, something in the room changes when a human being dies. Mind exits body in a loss perceptible on the deepest […]

The Long View

The Christian life of faith is called the Walk–it is both the Walk of Faith and the Walk with Christ. Sometimes the believer is led by the Spirit around a corner to a sudden new perspective, from habit to horizon. Imagine you are walking for hot miles down a country road, sweat falling into your […]