Why Are We Wet?

Saw a show last night on PBS
Why I had it on is anyone’s guess
Said this world is not what it seems
You ‘n me are made out of the stuff of dreams

Itty bitty bits that no eye can see
Twitchin’ like Elvis on a weekend spree
Peeped over his specs ‘n said we call ‘em Strings
And the whole shebang’s made up of them things

‘Nother guy said, now hold on Bud
I respect your opinion, but that’s just crud
Can’t you read the math-a-matical signs
Drawn up on my Blackboard of Grand Design?

Here come a third guy bold as can be
Said the Universe is just like a TV
We’re just pixels on a ginormous screen
And not a whole lotta space in between

‘Bout half past the hour I felt a thirst
But I had to wash up the tumbler first
When I cut my finger on the bottle cap
It reminded me a little of Maple sap

Got back to the show they were talking still
‘bout pushing something heavy up a hill
Then someone said it, made my whole damn night
Everything in the Universe is made out of Light!

I was so glad to hear it that I teared up a bit
Can’t do the math, but the feeling’s legit
But that night in the shower, had a thought I regret
If we’re made of light then how did we wet?

Hang with me a second if you got it to spare
Three ‘a four I do get, fire earth air
A twinklin’ star in the heavens is set
But if we’re made of stardust when did we get wet?

First there’s a Big Bang, a lot a’ debris
Fast forward zillions, here’s you and me
Somehow somethin’ happened but I don’t get it yet
If we’re made of Light then why are we all wet?

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