Two More In A Mood


Should I peek around the corner?
Does that convey?
Ratchet the neck bones up to a hole in the brimming dark
and with what I have for eyes now blistered over
summon in pantomime the blinding awe?


How can I pitch you this idea?
This terra infirma of the Solid Rock
The there and not there of the thing

It lifted, for me, once, the curtain, veil or circumstance
As if I saw the air punched out from every living lung
and on the inhale breathed every living lung the Light of God
All creation like a cosmic sleeve pulled right side out
Made perfect sense in perfect Peace

Then just as quick the curtain fell, for me, the veil or circumstance
Of my deliverance, apparent to the purpose
And God, with other eyes to fry, moved on

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