Lawrence Immemorial (unfinished)

I was born in BabylonTime stamped three a.m.Maternity was packed and jackedWith what we knew as men The fog was thick in BabylonThe day I came of ageIt broke three hearts when I climbed the stairsAs the ink dried on the page I’ve booked a trip to BabylonTo shush up chatty tombsIf I’m not back … Continue reading Lawrence Immemorial (unfinished)

Tuned Out It Wasn’t Me

I heard the tuned and hammered stringStrike out a note that I could singIn that moment I would bringA voice among the choir I harmonize in David’s chord!A thought my head could not affordThe Devil, friends, does not get boredWaiting by the fire Soon I sang another strainOf voices only in my brainIf I’ve a … Continue reading Tuned Out It Wasn’t Me