Deep Breath

That’s funny, I thought to myself as I reread these blog postings from Introduction thru Air Quotes and really it was odd it hadn’t popped out at me before, conscious as I am of everything I’m putting out to the world through this latest exercise in writing, writing with purpose for the first time on purpose, so to say, and now rereading what had come before and whoa!, there it was in front of me, the first hint I had gone too far in Dry Loaf and by Trolled  I could barely stand it, the embarrassment building in my own exaggerated self critical core (the pathology of that particular pixilation familiar to every one I hold dear in this world, by odd co-incidence or divine fiat) and as I looked at the offending, not mistake exactly, if I’m fair to myself, and at this point why wouldn’t I be I’m this far in, as i looked at the troubling shall I say tendency to write, without regard to subject, let alone content–as if I hadn’t considered a rhetorical strategy in approaching this project to begin with, the heavy heavy use of threes in the writing being the most obvious example trying as I was to play a major chord of persuasion in the background of the readers mind and echoing of course the Trinity all the while–but still I couldn’t help but notice that I had up to now written nothing that was not a very simple sentence.

And that’s why.

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