Is that what you think?

Got some good advice about this blog today from a life-long friend. That I had asked her for advice at all proves how needy I’ve become in just a couple of weeks. Beware, if you’re in the stocks, this is not a gal to throw a rotten cabbage if there’s a chamber pot handy. But she is blunt to the point of virtue and the truth is I value her opinion. It came in the choppy text of a Face Book chat, so I’ll summarize: Get the stick out of your butt.

I have been in finger wagging mode since I started this blog and I’m not sure why. Certainly the idea of talking about spiritual matters, specifically Christianity, in a secular “voice” presented itself at the outset as a technical problem in the writing. The two use different vocabularies, and make different assumptions about the world implicit in those vocabularies. If I say something like, I am saved by the Blood of the Lamb to a Christian audience they will picture in their heads a much different scenario than the same phrase said to Wiccans. Maybe the finger wagging just presented itself as the quickest way to set the tone of the writing, letting me skirt some of the thornier patches. Or maybe I am a finger wagger at heart.

So, change of pace, in at least some of the future posts. I am reserving the right to rant when the weather changes or if my blood sugar dips or if on a beautiful morning the Son of Man returns on Clouds of Glory.

To any Wiccans reading, translation to follow.

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