Night Cap

Morning writer taking to the keyboard at night. Let’s see what happens.

What’s on my mind?  Give me a second…

Reality, that’s the ticket.

The actual nature of the physical world and our experience living in it as human beings.  In a 500 word essay. I know the Freshman Survey Course slacker in you is up to the challenge, said I to myself, sleepily. What we need is a hook.

Well, how about this? If the Noosphere is a reality, then every human being is one seven billionth of the worlds information regardless of position of birth or condition of life. It takes a minute to grok that. Seems intuitive to think that a Harvard educated neurosurgeon would outweigh the contribution say, of a North Korean laborer dying of starvation. But the contribution is not one of intelligence, skill and intent but of simultaneous existence in time.

There have been 108 billion human beings on the planet since time began, according to Population Census Bureau. Each one pumping out thoughts,emotions, energy, filling an unseen dimension with a lifetime of consciousness. The Gaia theory makes this easier to visualize, I think, seeing the earth itself as an organic unit, where we can visual consciousness surrounding the planet.

Physics is having a bit of a time out at the moment. The Big Bang Theory, for years touted as proven to a 99.999 percent certainty, recently took a bloody nose. Spacetime, the favorite riff of stoners everywhere may be replaced by Superfluid  a mind bender equally impenetrable but which might at least prompt changing the bong water. Serious thought is being given to the idea that the Universe may be more like a hologram or computer simulation than the reality we take for granted.

So science, the giver of technological life, which  gave us everything in fact that that is angled and sharp edged in a fractally formed world, can’t at the moment, on the subject of ultimate reality, tell us jack. But every theory suggested by science posits the Universe as a very very weird place indeed.

To which believers say, Testify! Is it really such a stretch, given the failure of science to fix reality to a set position, to entertain the idea that we exist, all of the Universe exists, in the Mind of God? Wouldn’t that explain the physics we can’t master and the sheer scope of Creation we can’t hope to imagine? Explain the spookiness of the shifting reality we experience?

If we exist in the Mind of God, doesn’t that suggest definitively the perfect equality of every human soul?

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