It’s just Rock n’ Roll, Innit?…

What I always say is, if God raised Jesus from the dead, everything else is just Rock n’ Roll, innit?…”

London cabbie to N T Wright

Amen Amen.

It is precisely here, at the most outrageous of claims, the most egregious assault on common sense and experience, that Christianity depends.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, the time is late. All with ears and eyes know it. The insanity of sectarian division among the Body has just one source. Let’s acknowledge that scorpion’s power. The Earth is temporarily his, even as his defeat has already been accomplished on the Cross.

It’s a mind twister, Beloved, no running from that fact. So let’s not.

Let’s not “blend in”, let’s not capitulate to the “progressive” world view, let’s not at this particular juncture in the unfolding of His time be all things to all men.

Let’s be set apart. As He intended.  Let’s be as distinct as the Amish, as radical as Francis, as fearless as those twenty one Christian martyrs beheaded on that Syrian beach.

Let’s leave every doctrine at the door except Christ Crucified and Risen. At the core of every Christian is the belief in the bodily resurrection of Jesus, the Christ. Everything else is rock-n-roll.

The time is here Christians. We are at our post. We are Christ to an unbelieving world.