May I See Your Receipt?

Some non-religious people who haven't spent time researching the difference between Christianity and Islam seem to think they are pretty much the same. Ancient myths, constructed out of available stories, equally implausible to a non-believer. Essentially the same, equally flawed holy books. But to Christians, that attitude is frustrating in the extreme.  It is self pleasing, self validating and … Continue reading May I See Your Receipt?

Open Letter To Muslims In The West

Author's  Note:  I am reposting this after Donald Trump's victory.  We've heard what he has to say about Muslims. Trump markets in fear. But it is certainly true that horrific violence in the name of Islam is a daily staple of our news feed. So where is the real conversation we should be having?   Dear Friends, We don’t know each other. So … Continue reading Open Letter To Muslims In The West

Honey, Have You Seen My Rants?

They were here  just a minute ago. Regular readers of this blog, who number anywhere from a starting five to a full bench with reserves, depending on summer vocations, may be wondering at the sudden removal of the most recent posts. If you have posted a like or a comment, I thank you sincerely. But … Continue reading Honey, Have You Seen My Rants?

Prayer For Charleston

These are the names of the people killed in the Charleston Church Shooting. Cynthia Marie Graham Hurd, 54, a bible study member Susie Jackson, 87, a bible study member Ethel Lee Lance, 70, a 30-year church Sexton Depayne Middleton, 49, a bible study member Clementa C. Pinckney, 41, church pastor and South Carolina State Senator … Continue reading Prayer For Charleston

The Resurrected Elephant in the Room

We do not die when our bodies die. Consciousness survives bodily death. Individually, we accept and accommodate this fact. Most of us have had personal experience around death, especially of loved ones, in which inexplicably, something in the room changes when a human being dies. Mind exits body in a loss perceptible on the deepest … Continue reading The Resurrected Elephant in the Room

It’s just Rock n’ Roll, Innit?…

"What I always say is, if God raised Jesus from the dead, everything else is just Rock n' Roll, innit?..." London cabbie to N T Wright Amen Amen. It is precisely here, at the most outrageous of claims, the most egregious assault on common sense and experience, that Christianity depends. Dear Brothers and Sisters in … Continue reading It’s just Rock n’ Roll, Innit?…