Honey, Have You Seen My Rants?

They were here  just a minute ago.

Regular readers of this blog, who number anywhere from a starting five to a full bench with reserves, depending on summer vocations, may be wondering at the sudden removal of the most recent posts. If you have posted a like or a comment, I thank you sincerely. But a casual observation about this blog yesterday came with a jolt.

“You’re a good writer”, she said, tossing to my inner penguin the shiniest sardine in the bucket; but, as I was basking in the attention, she paused with an ahem. No one wants to hear an ahem at the end of a compliment. “but, ahem,  I kept reading and didn’t see Jesus”


Went back and did a quick count. Of the 46 posts to this blog, less than a third were directly about the spiritual life, about life in Christ. The rest of the posts were, I’m abashed to discover, little more then outraged letters to the editor. Opinion screeds re current events. Not the tone I want of this blog.

To be clear I stand by the opinions expressed in the deleted posts, most especially those involving racial justice. But I’m going to concentrate for awhile on the Spiritual aspects of this life, and not the worldly ones, temporal agitations notwithstanding.

Like, say, the end of life of Earth.

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