The Tares in Power

Why am I so hard on Republican Christians? This is why. If you are a true Christian, no, let me say it this way, you are only a true Christian if you have been broken by Christ. Period. That is the benchmark. If you have not been flat on your face, or curled up into … Continue reading The Tares in Power

Evening Twinge

How clueless I am--still--about the Big Things and the Little Details of this life in Christ we share. A shudder of a thought just now, a cold shiver. Tonight, out of nowhere, the workings of Grace suddenly seemed too alien to hold in mind. Here's the twist. Even though I know I'm clueless about grace, … Continue reading Evening Twinge

Honey, Have You Seen My Rants?

They were here  just a minute ago. Regular readers of this blog, who number anywhere from a starting five to a full bench with reserves, depending on summer vocations, may be wondering at the sudden removal of the most recent posts. If you have posted a like or a comment, I thank you sincerely. But … Continue reading Honey, Have You Seen My Rants?

It’s just Rock n’ Roll, Innit?…

"What I always say is, if God raised Jesus from the dead, everything else is just Rock n' Roll, innit?..." London cabbie to N T Wright Amen Amen. It is precisely here, at the most outrageous of claims, the most egregious assault on common sense and experience, that Christianity depends. Dear Brothers and Sisters in … Continue reading It’s just Rock n’ Roll, Innit?…

The Answer’s In the Back

I think I'm really starting to love this new iteration of the American Liberal. The way you love the happily retarded. Now, the anachronistic slur--not a slur really, as I hope we'll see--is intended only to set a time frame. I worked in the early 1970's at the now defunct Mansfield Training Center for the … Continue reading The Answer’s In the Back

Skeptic: Nothing to those “encounters” but faulty wiring in the brain…

Me:   I accept that all my experiences are grounded in the chemical and electrical, which is to say material, processes of the brain. In fact, I'm willing to strip the experiences--the presence of Jesus, the personal demons, the Satori moment--of all spiritual implication if the topic is; what is the stuff in Dan's brain. Is … Continue reading Skeptic: Nothing to those “encounters” but faulty wiring in the brain…

…and the Middle Distance

When non believers ask me if I personally have had a supernatural experience this is the one I share. I was walking to Church on a sunny spring day through Heather Farms Park, as bucolic as it sounds, in a kind of humming, mindless state, when I had a vision. The vision itself wasn't remarkable--I'll get … Continue reading …and the Middle Distance