My name is Dan Bennett. I’m a Christian.

This blog is, as of its inception, a vanity project rather than Evangelization. It is an attempt to explore what it means to be a Christian in today’s world, from a necessarily singular and personal perspective. This seems a truism. Who else could anyone speak for but themselves?

But for a Christian this position is problematic since we are called upon to speak–and more importantly act–as Christ’s presence on Earth. We are, each individual one of us, corporately the Body of Christ. If I’m speaking as Dan Bennett, a human being with the  unique set of experiences we each receive, nothing but my ego can emerge. How can I speak for Christ?

Not by rote recitation of Scripture, not by compartmentalizing irritant facts, certainly not by submerging in that most luxurious  bath, hypocrisy. Those are the go-to attitudes for many Christians( and to be fair to my own, many non-Christians). What is called for is honesty, humility and courage. Because this blog will be devoted to talking about Christ in everyday language, as a 21st Century believer, not shirking the challenges of science and secularism.

Which is to say, I need your prayers.

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