…and the Middle Distance

When non believers ask me if I personally have had a supernatural experience this is the one I share.

I was walking to Church on a sunny spring day through Heather Farms Park, as bucolic as it sounds, in a kind of humming, mindless state, when I had a vision. The vision itself wasn’t remarkable–I’ll get there in a second–but what struck me then and now is where the vision was. My eyes were open, I could see a sloping driveway  just in front of me, tennis court on the left, the gorgeous greenery, and yet, in what i can only describe to myself as a “middle distance” in my mind, suddenly I had the vision. The “middle distance” was somewhere up and directly in front of me and the images were confined to that “space”.

The vision itself was pretty typical I imagine. In an instant, in that middle distance, was a shield, a bell jar shaped barrier and inside that bell jar were the demons that had a special taste for me. Also instantly, up and to  my right, just behind my shoulder, I felt the unmistakable presence of Jesus. No words were spoken, and I couldn’t see his face, but the message was clear instantly. Without the protection of Christ, these demons, my demons, would have free reign of me. Also absolutely clear, that with Him as my protector, they could never have me.

The vision was over in a few moments. I remember thinking ,why can’t the demons just fly under the bell jar shield and get to me, but that logic had no place in the experience. Even as I had the thought a complete assurance came over me, washed over me, through me, and came from somewhere up and to the right.

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