Any other Spiritual encounters you’d like to share?

Yes, actually, thanks for asking.

Here are three other encounters with the Spiritual dimension, two during waking moments and one in a dream. I’ve probably had–and you have too–hundreds, maybe thousands of encounters but I was  too blind and deaf in that moment to grok it. I’m going to list them here and go into them a bit more as we go along.

  • Satori Christos  My name for a neurological “event” that happened while I was sitting in a local park.  It’s effect, from what I’ve read, was very similar to Satori, the Buddhist moment of awakening, but this was the Light of the Creator.
  • John 14:20 Working in an assisted living facility, tossing a beach ball back and forth to a very old, frail lady who loved the game and would play for an hour, looking into her face in an unguarded moment, I “saw” the face of Jesus. It was her face, but somehow it was Jesus too. The curtain had lifted for an instant, and I could “understand” how it worked. Don’t ask me today, I can’t tell you.
  • A Dream Unlike Dreams  No way to convey from that most subjective of human experiences, a dream, why I put this in the encounter category, other than to say, subjectively, it had a vividness and quality unlike a dream state. The key images: absolute blackness, a moonscape, a mansion filled with people in radiant joy, and a key in the lock of the door . My father, estranged and distant for most of my life, was suddenly beside me, telling me that all I had to do was turn the key, which was acceptance of Christ’s Love.

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