Fake Good News

Isn’t everything that we hear which is not in accord with the Good News, a lie?

When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of it.

That is how the Enemy is described by Jesus, not only as a liar himself, but as the author of all lies.

Let your yes be yes and your no be no. For whatever is more than this is from the Evil One.

That is one unambivalent caution, yes?  Do you follow its stricture?

We are awash in lies, dear brothers and sisters, drowning in delusion, as a country and as a faith. We have allowed the conflation of the Bible and the Constitution, interwoven the story of Jesus with that of Jefferson, redeployed Divine Providence to affirm Manifest Destiny.

And most grievously, we have mistaken the Grand Old Party as the political arm of Christianity.

This, in my weightless opinion, is the Enemy’s design and delight.

Witness the 2016 Presidential election. Has a greater pit of lies ever opened before a stumbling nation?

And the Republican Party, the self-proclaimed Christian party, not only fell into the pit, but dragged every soul they could grab on the way down. Now we find many of the lies issued from Russia, excoriated as an atheist swamp by the GOP up until this election. But of course, with all the power dangling in front of them, the prospect of a President, Congress and Supreme Court, Republicans do what they do best, lie. This time the lie comes by way of their cowardly, treasonous silence.

Or do we no longer consider intrusion into our elections by a hostile foreign power as act of aggression, even war? But so long as the desired results are achieved, Republican control of all government, every other national or patriotic concern is mere lip service.

More lip service. The $350 Billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia, Trumps major accomplishment so far. It sends limitless firepower to the very ideological source of jihadist mentality, Wahhabism, which is rooted in the Saudi government. To condemn the Democrats for not using the words, Islamic Terrorists, while selling our ideological enemies $350 Billion dollars in weapons is beyond hypocrisy. It invites Perdition.

Here’s some advice for my Republican Christian brothers and sisters–specifically white Christians–remove the beam from your eye.

Because, and the Bible is clear on the matter, every lie comes from Satan.

Donald Trump’s victory was a debacle for free speech. Nietzsche famously declared, God is Dead. That was and is false but it wasn’t his lie. Nietzsche believed it. Friends, Donald Trump has declared that Truth is Dead. He appears very much to believe it. Those of us who believe that Truth still lives must speak it in every circumstance.

Let me urge you to engage this thought experiment as a basic discipline. Before you let a lie pass your lips, or your keyboard, before you let a lie go unchallenged, complicit with your silence, remember: This moment, exactly as it will unfold, will stand between you and Christ when you are called before Him.

Still want to retweet the Fake Good News?

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